Boost your business with eCommerce Website Development Company In Noida

If you are looking one of the best eCommerce website development company in Noida then Nanoarch Software will be your one stop solutions. eCcommerce stands for electronic commerce used to define any kinds of business that includes the passing of information through the internet. If you are looking for online business at largest scale then it is the important component for your business. In this modern era, mostly peoples get spectacular benefits using online purchasing and selling products. This becomes easier through mobile applications as this is an era of the smartphone.

We at Nanoarch software is involved in eCommerce website development service in Noida as you will get complete web-based solutions. eCommerce provides solutions to launch your own online stores, due to help of shopping cart and payment gateway facilities. Our eCommerce web development service enables you to sell products online via internet.

Why Choose Nanoarch Software for eCommerce website Design?

Our years of industry experience make us completely capable to manage your all online business needs and requirements. Since the start of eCommerce solutions, Nanoarch has been tremendous track records in the sector of updated technologies and features. You will get spectacular kinds of services from our side which will deliver huge benefits to your online business organizations.

Platform Independent: Our top class eCommerce solutions enable you to reach your targeted audiences, wherever they are using desktop, Tablet or mobile. Using our experiences of designing and development of B2B and B2C eCommerce websites we allow our clients in identifying features that will meet their desired needs and requirements.

Search engine optimized code and layout: Our professional web developer used SEO friendly code in eCommerce website so that they get indexed in the search engine friendly. This will take your websites on the top page of the search engine which results to convert visitors into customers.

Payment Gateway: We have experiences of various payment gateways in more than 50 website and mobile portals which allow your customers to do hassle-free transactions in your eCommerce portals. The smoothest payment transaction will necessary to increase your customer satisfaction.

CMS (Content Management System): This is one of the incredible software systems that you will get on your eCommerce websites. This allows you to publish, edit and change content, as well as completely modifies the visual looks of content. It allows the developer to create dynamic web pages in websites.

High-quality work: We provide our clients with the highest quality of works. Our skilled and knowledgeable software developer works hard so that they are able to satisfy the needs of the clients completely. We have successfully establish ourselves in eCommerce industry.

Nanoarch software is an eCommerce website design company in Delhi NCR with having smart and professional’s developers. We are ready to accept difficult challenging and assure to fulfil it within the given time period. Our veteran development team understand the desired needs of the clients and cater them with the ultimate solutions.

We become one of the best places for eCommerce website development company in India that offers user-friendly, secure and effective eCommerce solutions to bring you the most attractive online store. We have proven track records of designing and development eCommerce solutions that allow your company to gains competitive edge within your marketplace. We have an extensive knowledge-based o building an online store using

  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Cs-Cart
  • Pinnacle Cart
  • Zen Cart
  • Word press
  • Virtual Mart

Benefits of eCommerce website design and development

Increase customer’s trust: A beautifully designed and creatively eCommerce website will convert online visitors into the customers. We applied best tools and techniques while designing and development of websites so that it will attract more and more customers to your business.

Selling products globally: You can sell goods and services globally. We are also having an expertise in m-commerce so that you can run your business services at international levels. Our attractive features and technologies in eCommerce will motivate customers for long-last surfing. Through this, you will be able to reach your targeted audiences at international levels.

Services provided 24*7: eCommerce traders can run their online store as it will remain open 24*7/365 because they can run eCommerce websites all the time. This is one of the incredible features of eCommerce websites which allow traders to get huge earning from several different customers. There is a huge demand for eCommerce website in a market for selling products and items in a tremendous way.


Products management: product management is the crucial modules in eCommerce websites. This can describe as an organizational function that includes the process of planning, developing, testing as well as launching the products in the market.

Product management in eCommerce has to make that is usable, feasible and valuable in order to achieve the complete objective of business organizations. This is very important to built eCommerce websites that provide spectacular user-experience, integrate the best technologies and increase the value of the business organization.

Customer management: This module includes customers browsing and searching feature. This is being created to handle all the enquiries related business organizations to give full customer satisfaction. This includes

  • Activity reports and purchase reports analysis
  • Best E-mail communication with the customer
  • Regional categorization of customer
  • Keep records of customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction

Order management: An order management system, or OMS, that handle all the aspects of a multichannel approach such as order processing, call centre management, Customer Service/CRM, forecasting and purchasing, smooth inventory management, warehouse management, marketing & accounting. A completely integrated order management system makes your business organizations run smoothly and automating by following the entire step possible. It is one of the crucial modules as well as a key component of running and maintaining a smooth and successful eCommerce store.

Payment management: This eCommerce module facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for the online transaction. Through this, the customer can do online payment for the purchasing products while sitting from your own home. You can successfully and reliably run your eCommerce online store through the help of several different modules. Methods of electronic payment include credits cards, debit card and many more. You can easily manage all your payment transactions of your online business store.

Mobile app: m-commerce is one of the best modules through which you can do online business through electronic mobile devices. We have iPhone, Android; Blackberry optimized mobile experiences through which you can run your business able to reach your loyal audiences. Apart from this entire m-commerce mobile app allow you to create an advanced marketing strategy which makes your tasks easier.

Our Progressive and effective eCommerce web development service

  • Responsive eCommerce website development
  • Custom eCommerce website design
  • eCommerce store development
  • Shopping cart design & development
  • Integrated with payment gateway
  • Supports & maintenance
  • eCommerce mobile app development (m-commerce)
  • Module development
  • E mail marketing integration
  • Multiple Payment options ( Credit card, PayPal, PO)

Network marketing software with eCommerce

In this modern era, eCommerce becomes an important part of MLM business for selling products online to the targeted audiences. Nanoarch Software Solutions who becomes rising mlm software company in India who design and develop software through which new multilevel marketing companies get easily establish their foothold. Basically, eCommerce (electronic commerce) is the online process of buying and selling of products or business services over electronic devices via the internet.

Nanoarch Software is completely supportive of the most two platform in eCommerce like Opencart and Magento. These both platforms are mainly used in eCommerce to facilitate online transaction like software selling and purchasing, Products delivery, products order and many more. Our experienced and skilled professionals design and develop attractive as well as search engine friendly eCommerce websites through which you can easily purchase the software through the help of payment gateway services.

Modern eCommerce typically uses the World Wide Web (WWW) for the transaction to buy and sell of products. An eCommerce business can be business to business (B2B) as well as business to customers (B2C). The website of eCommerce is an online store for trading online business to anywhere in the world. Customers can choose the desired software from our official websites as they can easily add to their shopping cart and can do later payment.

Open cart and magneto integration in mlm software

  • Open cart: This is an open source online store management system which is completely based on PHP. It is vibrant eCommerce shopping cart solutions which allow customers. These are completely open source platform which is basically design and develops to facilitate eCommerce solutions.
    You will get better advantages of these technologies. Opencart users enjoy is their ability to support multiple languages and currencies, making them global solutions that can suit business all around the world.
  • Magento: Magento is an eCommerce platform written In PHP a top the Zend framework available under both open source and commercial Licenses. Magneto offers powerful marketing business services, search engine optimizations as well as catalog management tools and techniques. Most of the peoples believe that Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms available today.

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