School Management System Software

School management system software is designed to automate schools diverse operations from classes, exams to school events calendar. We at Nanoarch Software Solutions design and develop spectacular software in this sector which brings the powerful online community to bring parents, teachers, students on an interactive platform.

The software completely provides facility to carry out all day to day activities, manage properly the infrastructure to make the management very secured. Our main objective is to create a spectacular and tremendous platform through which all the members of the school management system get complete beneficial and should fulfil their needs and requirements. Each school has its unique challenges, and this is why we provide robust and scalable software for the school management system so that it could be customized as per the needs of organizations.

We make easier and reliable roadways that facilitate real-time of information between teachers, parents, staff and students. Students can also know their useful information through our software and can fulfil their needs and requirements.

Increasing Educational Institutions are facing challenges in proper structured as well as organized communications to all Stakeholders students, parents, teachers, staffs, donor and management. Nanoarch Software is one stop solutions for any types of an educational institute to easily automate their data management process. IF you are looking for best school management software, best school ERP for School, best student management software, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and well-experienced development team at Nanoarch Software knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore develop a user-friendly as well as robust & secure School ERP.

Manually written records create numbers of errors has increased to adopt the automated and cloud-based school management software for educational and coaching institutes. We built intuitive software so that all the information of school as well as any educational institutes’ needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process. Apart from the development of school management software, we develop School android applications with supporting multilingual environment with current support to English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi as it designed for multiple languages.

Nanoarch Software works better for educational institutes

We develop software in the sense for simplifying the interaction between parents and teachers as well as reduce complexities of maintaining records of students on the register.

Secured Portals for Students, Parents, teachers, accountants and Administrator: We bring all the members in a school management on an interactive platform as we develop robust and secured portals for SMS software. As we know management is an important part of any educational system. Through the intuitive kinds of software, all the members can interact together as this makes the tough tasks easier and reliable.

Features contains in Our SMS (School Management System) Software

Student Information: Attendance, homework, discipline, grades and achievements almost all the information regarding information can easily be accessed through efficient school management software. With the help of software, you will be able to keep track of the attendance and staff regularly on the excel sheet. We develop a mobile app (Android/iOS) through which teachers, as well as parents, can view student’s report card regularly through the software. We create a student information portal for getting the complete knowledge and information about Students.

Parent access: Being a part of your child’s this is the responsibility of the parents to be always connected with their child academic reports. Through the help of parent access portals, parents can easily view all the reports of their child’s and able to improve them while sitting at home. This is not so easier to watch regular activities of the students, as we make it easier through the help of portals.

Teacher Information: An effective school management system software not only availing information regarding the students but also provides the information about the teacher's insides the school activities. Now it becomes easier to view to a particular teacher’s class schedule, files reports, efficiency etc. Classroom forms and reports can be filled easily through SMS software where all the records are regularly updated.

Attendance management: This is an important school administrative task and it requires a lot of time for teachers to do that at the beginning of each class. Now we make easier this through the software as you can manage attendance of your students without any errors using online attendance pages and share the details with parents within a short time.

Library management: It has features such as find, search, issue and return books. This is not easier to maintain on the register as librarian of the school forget the books they had issued to the students, Software will take better care of about it and manage the records of issue books.

Transportation management: Any school management system software will have the facility to manage transportation effectively. With the transportation portals, you can keep track of each student’s route change history. This provides information that who has opted the transportation without routed assigned to them.

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