Real Estate Management System

Real estate management system (REMS) is an online real estate software application that manages all the operational activities as well as the Process. This will help to manage all your business process to ensure efficiencies. Customers and owners will know exactly what the status is at the time.

Nanoarch software solutions is a well known IT service provider which design software that will provide the desired result to the customers as well as the owner of the company. We have proven track records in making of successful real estate agencies.

We used latest technologies and features MySQL, PHP, SQL Server, Java, Oracle and much more to fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients and the property dealer.

In addition to the advanced real estate management system (REMS), we at Nanoarch Software facilitate a tremendous range of service solutions to property management. We always get updated with the latest technologies and features that help us in providing tremendous services to real estate agencies. The software will assist you to manage several different phases.

  • Land Purchase Management
  • Legal Management
  • Customer Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Procurement

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