MLM Party Plan with Nanoarch Software Solutions

MLM party plan is one of the most appropriate business plans which are used by the multilevel marketing companies to increase the popularity of products or selling products by arranging the organizational event. This event includes party, function or any mega organization. As during the mega organization, the products are displayed for selling in the market and that is why it is called direct selling of products in the market.

We at Nanoarch Software Solutions develop party plan software which is web based applications that manage organizational events, parties hosting and sales report in the database. This main purpose of party plan software is to run plan smoothly and efficiently.

Basically, this business plan is hosted by the women for the direct selling of products to the consumers by organizing the mega event.

How does Party business plan work

Party Business Plan, especially hosted by women which consult to others to organize mega events. In these organizations, all the attendee has given a token to take participate in the mega organizations.

At the day of the event, salesperson which is gets recruited by the multilevel marketing companies to display and demonstrate various products. The sales person then takes the order from the attendee and companies paid commissions to the distributors.

If the existing distributors recruit other new distributors down line to him than the multilevel marketing company wills also paid commissions to them.

We at Nanoarch software solutions develop software for direct selling of goods as our software is totally cloud based application. The software will manage the database of sales report, distributors records and make plan smooth and reliable.

Advantages of Party Plan software

  • The most important benefits of party plan software are to earn product in free or in half amount of actual price.
  • Consumers can buy products with the help of credit card, cheque, cash and much more.
  • The structure of party Plan software is simple and easier to understand which assist to sell products directly to the customers.

Important aspect of party plan software

  • Guest management
  • My party portal
  • Host management
  • User name
  • E-purchase of products
  • Request management
  • E-Pin management
  • Short message services

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